My Disruptive Journey of Faith

Tipping-pointHave you ever been concerned about your faith? I have, it is a most unsettling experience. After pouring enormous amounts of energy and conviction into something only for it to be dislodged by rogue thoughts is scary. It’s scary because of the implications and the uncertainty of where it will all lead. What will my friends think? What if I am wrong? Even scarier; what if I am right? Continue reading

When You Realise Your Mother is a Great Leader

dsc_0167My mother’s name is Lynley Simpson-Nielsen. It is hard to know where to start when describing the woman she is. Tomorrow is her last day of working in a church as a leader for 43 years and then she retires. For her it just means she does more things she wants to – which ironically may mean she keeps pastoring in some capacity. Continue reading

A Decade of Father’s Days

SunnyWell, I can almost hear the scoff through the digital domain at the title of this blog, “Only ten years? Pathetic!” Well okay, but it feels like a landmark for me. Trust me, I am as surprised as anybody that I am a living, breathing father and that I have even made it to this age without saying bon voyage to this big blue planet!

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Keeping Up With the Disability Version of the Joneses.

wheelchairBefore we had our twin daughters my wife and I were fancy-free enjoying the big wide world, everything seemed possible. Then one of our daughters suffered oxygen deprivation at birth and severe cerebral palsy entered our world like an indiscriminate burglar ruthlessly stealing potential from our daughter Sunshine. Continue reading

How Pushing A Wheelchair Ruined My Theology and Gave Me Faith

imagesThe wheels seemed to stick to the polished floor as I pushed my daughters wheelchair down the quiet corridor towards her classroom for the first time. As I turned the corner I was confronted by a line of special needs kids, some quiet, some boisterous and some on the other side of a glass wall waiting for class time. Continue reading

Is There Any Consensus On Gay Marriage Within The Christian Community?

Unknown-1During the course of a Facebook discussion around gay marriage, a good friend of mine left an important post. He referred to a man named Sy Rogers who is a Christian speaker. Sy was a transgender on the journey to fulfil a gender reassignment, then he became a Christian and has since married a woman and has a beautiful family. Continue reading

Six Thoughts on Hillsong Curating an Interview with Mark Driscoll

imagesIf you have been scouring the Internet to find hate blogs on Hillsong, this isn’t one of them. I don’t really know much about Hillsong or for that matter, Mark Driscoll. I went to a Hillsong conference many years ago. It was impressive and many people seemed to be enthralled by the atmosphere, but it wasn’t for me.

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Million Dollar Baby

Nepalese father holds newborn baby

A Nepalese father and daughter surviving the earthquake.

I’m not sure what was more frightening, the cacophony of alarms blaring through the ICU like an out of control freight train, or the lifeless bodies of my twin daughters that arrived spectacularly three months too early. The word prematurity never entered my vocabulary until 2005. Now that word fills any unused part of my soggy brain as I ponder what the   hell happened ten years ago.

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