Forgive and Forget? – Forgive God

Forgiving God…some people of faith maybe surprised at my suggestion that I feel the need to forgive God, because the natural implication would be he must have done something wrong. Christians believe God is perfect, all knowing and intentional so it is easy to extrapolate from there that we must deserve the outcome of evil in any given situation.

But that is assuming that everything that happens in the world is meant to happen. It always makes for an awkward conversation when the world is screaming chaos and some people in the Christian community excuse that chaos as ‘part of the plan’. It doesn’t paint God in a particularly good light and I am not sure he is happy with that explanation we offer the broken hearted.

If you have the courage to consider that God is trying to ‘manage the chaos’ while heaven comes to earth, then it is easier to imagine a more caring God that is just as incensed at the injustice as you and I are. After all, God is executing many plan B’s out there. In the bible God’s inaugural plan B came into fruition because of Adam and Eve’s choices. According to that story and outcome, God’s best intentions of a sinless world didn’t work out very well.

So if there are plan B’s out there then it would be safe to imagine there is injustice that God won’t or can’t repair in the moment. That means you and I can be on the receiving end of something that can break our hearts. As I describe in my book, we are in a war and in that war there is crossfire that indiscriminately damages innocent people.

Any relationship worth it’s salt has trouble in it. Couples who have been together for 50 years will tell you there is deep disagreement at times and they have to extend themselves by forgiving each other. If forgiveness is the corner stone of the Christian faith then maybe it isn’t so weird to think that you might need to forgive God for the injustice you have experienced. If God is incensed at the injustice then he is acknowledging the unfairness of it. If it is unfair then our sense of justice would encourage us to wonder who is responsible on a global level and I reckon God is big enough to do that.

I have told God a few times that I forgive him for the injustice in my life. It might be my imagination but I have sensed that he was sorry that I got caught in the crossfire as an innocent casualty, but He is making a promise that He will ultimately figure things out and bring heaven to earth…. and He wants me to help that happen. The more God and I forgive each other, the more trust I have in the relationship… the more honest I am with Him and the more we reconcile…the more I value my friendship with Him.

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