Mow around the daisies

I love hearing my daughter Jazmine’s spin on things. I never thought a 6 year old could continually surprise me – her literal perspective is so refreshing compared with my nuanced battle weary view of the ‘adult world’. Jaz has the ability to make the most mundane things an adventure. On the weekends I often mow the lawns but occasionally life gets out of hand and my ‘boy chores’ get deferred – I’m glad my wife’s ‘girl chores’ still get done….ok, lets move on before I get in trouble!

When I finally get to the task the grass is tall and the daises cascade through the yard providing thousands of landing pads for busy bees. When I start the mower, Jaz sometimes will climb to the top of the slide and assume a royal posture swinging a magic wand and adorn a plastic crown full of red and green jewels from the same ‘be a princess’ set. With the noise from the mower tempering her awareness of listening neighbours, she sings at the top of her lungs and all I can see is a princess full of confidence oblivious to all. Recently she stood up from her princess slide from where she rules her kingdom and delivered her orders to her father serf to continue mowing the grass but go around the daises.

Most times when I mow the lawns she asks the same thing and every time I mow over the daises dismissing her request as just cute. I know that one day she will stop asking because dad never follows her orders. The irony is I would feel like I lost something special by not having the banter with the magic princess on the slide. So why the hell do I keep mowing over the daises!!?? I am making a promise on this blog that next time I will follow the princess’s orders.

With our home as complex as it is from constant doctor visits, the odd surgery, broken sleep and a bunch of just normal stuff, the temptation is to mow over life’s daises in the urgency to get things done. But once the day is finished there is an oddness to the neatly cut environment that is ‘under control’ but horribly lifeless. Sunshine’s terrible palsy has given me a sense of urgency and a task driven demeanour partly because her physical problems are difficult to solve and leave me with the feeling of being out of control. So….I find myself controlling everything else to compensate – it drives my wife crazy. Ironically what I need is some daisies in my life and all I have to do is let them grow and stop cutting them down by constantly doing ‘stuff’.

My daughter Sunshine knows how to nurture the daisies, her life is full of them. The state of her broken body means that she probably observes her environment more than most and that would be why she ALWAYS gives me time and never mows over everything in my yard.

Do yourself a favour today and hang with someone who isn’t in a hurry and is prepared to mow around your daisies.

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