Smart Phone Mania

Since the emergence of the smart phone, digital heaven is filling with billions and billions of photos. Memories traveling at light speed, dodging each other on bandwidth, miraculously reaching another smart phone in pixilated perfection. Amazing!

The joy of connectivity gives the sense that we are closer to each other than ever before. I love my iphone and I hate it even more. I must admit I do love hearing the generic ‘ding’ alerting a photo message. It is a mystery bag! I never know if what I have received is a Dora the Explorer picture app from my daughter, the accidental photo inside someone’s pocket or a classic moment that fills my soul.

I am no different to the camera maniac at every children’s party. Often in the intense pressure of capturing the moment, I discover I have to delete something to make room for the next great memory. As I fumble, the subject matter becomes more impatient and in a panic I end up deleting the photo I wanted to keep! Choruses of “come on” are chanted from those ‘lucky’ enough to make it in the viewfinder. In the 60 seconds it takes to get everything set, everyone reduces the moment to something superficial by offering their best ‘photo face’. Then I am left wondering if I caught the moment or if I just recorded the ‘after moment’ while missing out myself. Oh…the pain.

Mums and Dads are the worst offenders (I fit in that category) and children are often the uncooperative subjects. To take a photo of children who are ‘fun intoxicated’, you intuitively adopt the ‘photo police’ voice – “ok everyone, stop having fun right now!” “Hold that pose…. you over there, who ever you are (your own child), come in a little closer, ok….smile – “ding!” ‘Memory card full’, message comes up with the flat battery sign as well! In a fluster you declare, “oh don’t worry, I’ll do it later.” The kids go back to making memories and you spend the next 30 minutes getting the camera/smart phone ready for the next memory. And now there is nothing to show for distracting everyone from having fun!

Smart phone mania dumbs down a glorious moment that is full of color, sound, smell, natural 3D – to a low bit version that is a tenth of the experience (unless you are Ken Duncan). But don’t worry, someone is bound to release a 3D smart phone camera to make capturing memories even more complicated!

I am torn. I want to be fully engaged and not distracted, but along with everyone else, I am driven to capture it all. It has almost become a sin if you simply tell the story and have no photographic evidence.

So what to do? I am tempted to use my grey matter memory and live in the moment. I know this may come across as lazy – but I know that the rest of the world will be taking photos at any given time on any given day and I am guessing I could just ask, “hey can you send that photo to me?” I am also tempted to not pose for anyone that makes a day at the beach feel like a studio shot.


nyway….I love technology….I mean, I really love it too much. I don’t think having a few gadgets is a bad thing but I don’t want to view life through a gadget. I want to discover subtleties like the change of color in my kids eyes because I am face to face, not because of the zoom function on a 2 inch screen.

Time for me to store the memory on the grey matter instead of the SD card!

One thought on “Smart Phone Mania

  1. Yes, I realized the truth of this when I was traveling overseas. Too many moments were viewed through a camcorder and not fully experience in the present. I found it frustrating …but also enlightening.

    Notwithstanding, I get great pictures of our kids by having a large memory card installed. I take a bunch of photos in quick succession. Usually 1 photo out of 10 is great (and un-posed) then I immediately delete the remaining 9 photos.


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