Hi…when a friend of mine suggested I should keep a blog, I dismissed it as an off handed compliment and not a serious thought. But since writing my book ‘Growing Sideways’ I have had numerous emails asking more specific questions as to my personal thoughts on forgiveness, a seemingly distant God, living in a contradiction, the injustice of cerebral palsy and many other things. So…here we are, I am taking my friends advice and using this blog as a way to converse the issues that bang against my head at night and in quiet moments. Some of these entries may read like random rants & some will be a slow chew on the cud of life. I look forward to any comments and ideas that you might want to share. If it doesn’t go well, I’ll give you my friends email and you can make a formal complaint! Not sure what this will look like but I am starting and just seeing where it all leads. There may be big gaps between blog entries because of life and the universe but I’ll do my best.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I thought one of your subject tabs read “YaMs from Home”…I thought, “what an interesting title for a story!”…Sorry, I finally addressed the little odd feeling I had and looked more closely. Yes, “YaRns from Home” makes better sense…I’m mid-50’s and no reading glasses as of yet …hmmm.


    • Wow Nadine. I truly don’t know what to say other than a heartfelt thanks. Your powerful words have affirmed me and many other dads out there doing their best. I feel chuffed that my blog would impact you as much as it did. Keep writing, your blog is fantastic. Take care. Jay


      • It totally did – as a single mother I have often not taken the time to think about how the journey could be affecting dads. Coming across your blog when it did helped my personal perspective a lot. Thanks for reading and the kind words also 🙂


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