Time to Call it a Day

IMG_9168.jpgOver the past few years I have galloped through unfamiliar forests of thought, hoping to find a break in the trees, sometimes with abandon, and sometimes with caution. My blog ‘Growing Sideways’ has been a cathartic and timely endeavor. I have been surprised by unexpected affirmation as fellow readers and writers have identified with my questions and ‘ponderings’ with as much curiosity and freedom as I have felt. I have been emboldened by others on more than one occasion, “keep going and keep thinking!” Continue reading

Growing Sideways first entry

Hi…when a friend of mine suggested I should keep a blog, I dismissed it as an off handed compliment and not a serious thought. But since writing my book ‘Growing Sideways’ I have had numerous emails asking more specific questions as to my personal thoughts on forgiveness, a seemingly distant God, living in a contradiction, the injustice of cerebral palsy and many other things. Continue reading