Time to Call it a Day

IMG_9168.jpgOver the past few years I have galloped through unfamiliar forests of thought, hoping to find a break in the trees, sometimes with abandon, and sometimes with caution. My blog ‘Growing Sideways’ has been a cathartic and timely endeavor. I have been surprised by unexpected affirmation as fellow readers and writers have identified with my questions and ‘ponderings’ with as much curiosity and freedom as I have felt. I have been emboldened by others on more than one occasion, “keep going and keep thinking!” Continue reading

My Disruptive Journey of Faith

Tipping-pointHave you ever been concerned about your faith? I have, it is a most unsettling experience. After pouring enormous amounts of energy and conviction into something only for it to be dislodged by rogue thoughts is scary. It’s scary because of the implications and the uncertainty of where it will all lead. What will my friends think? What if I am wrong? Even scarier; what if I am right? Continue reading

How Pushing A Wheelchair Ruined My Theology and Gave Me Faith

imagesThe wheels seemed to stick to the polished floor as I pushed my daughters wheelchair down the quiet corridor towards her classroom for the first time. As I turned the corner I was confronted by a line of special needs kids, some quiet, some boisterous and some on the other side of a glass wall waiting for class time. Continue reading

Is There Any Consensus On Gay Marriage Within The Christian Community?

Unknown-1During the course of a Facebook discussion around gay marriage, a good friend of mine left an important post. He referred to a man named Sy Rogers who is a Christian speaker. Sy was a transgender on the journey to fulfil a gender reassignment, then he became a Christian and has since married a woman and has a beautiful family. Continue reading

Six Thoughts on Hillsong Curating an Interview with Mark Driscoll

imagesIf you have been scouring the Internet to find hate blogs on Hillsong, this isn’t one of them. I don’t really know much about Hillsong or for that matter, Mark Driscoll. I went to a Hillsong conference many years ago. It was impressive and many people seemed to be enthralled by the atmosphere, but it wasn’t for me.

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I Don’t Know What Being a Christian Means Anymore

Right & WrongI have been part of church life for a long time now, I was a preacher’s kid since the day I was born and suffered all the usual militant rules you’d expect. Sit up on the front pew, behave, don’t fart, don’t pick your nose, look attentive, close your eyes when you pray, stop looking at cute girls, raise your hands when asked, don’t drink too much communion and don’t eat all the left over bread after the service etc. Continue reading

When a Church Volunteer or Staff Member Burns Out, Who is Responsible?

CandleChurch… it is beautiful and chaotic at the same time. It is amazing and disappointing. It is profound and confusing. It is Christ and Christ is the anchor for many who cling to the hope that good will eventually prevail.

I have had the good fortune of working in several churches over the years as a paid staff member and volunteer. There have been moments of elation as I’ve witnessed the broken feel comfort, and just as powerfully, I have been frustrated as the innocent feel pain. It is the potent disparity between expectations of heaven on earth juxtaposed against the frailty of human behaviour. Continue reading

Are We the Church Infatuated With Youthfulness?



I always feel cautious about offering observations on church life. I continue to believe that despite the churches exposure to human vulnerability, it has the potential to be amazing. I myself have probably contributed to one misstep after another in the eyes of those who don’t share my personal belief in the life of Jesus. I think this most recent season of public anger towards the church may not be the for the reason we think it is. That is, have we the church interpreted the public angst as persecution for our moral stance  and see it as the cross we bear for choosing a noble pathway in Jesus name? Some of us Christians may even see the publics anger as a badge of honour.

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