Six Thoughts on Hillsong Curating an Interview with Mark Driscoll

imagesIf you have been scouring the Internet to find hate blogs on Hillsong, this isn’t one of them. I don’t really know much about Hillsong or for that matter, Mark Driscoll. I went to a Hillsong conference many years ago. It was impressive and many people seemed to be enthralled by the atmosphere, but it wasn’t for me.

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Million Dollar Baby

Nepalese father holds newborn baby

A Nepalese father and daughter surviving the earthquake.

I’m not sure what was more frightening, the cacophony of alarms blaring through the ICU like an out of control freight train, or the lifeless bodies of my twin daughters that arrived spectacularly three months too early. The word prematurity never entered my vocabulary until 2005. Now that word fills any unused part of my soggy brain as I ponder what the   hell happened ten years ago.

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Password Hell

Password 22OK…I am sure we can all relate to password hell. Lately, I am forever getting locked out of sites because I can’t remember what crazy password I decided on the day I registered. I am left puzzled after every possible combination is explored, but then I remember how I foamed at the mouth and ground my teeth trying to get a usable password in the first place. Continue reading

Shut Up Old Person. Listen Here Spring Chicken.

HandsI found myself having a giggle the other day. I saw some advertising recently featuring a young man with a chiselled stomach made of steel; he was seducing the viewers with sassy looks reminiscent of Zoolander. His scant clothes weren’t worth the effort if they were intended to cover anything. I felt like yelling through the television, “Hey boy, in about 10 years that perky body of yours is going to droop like a balloon full of water.” He didn’t hear me… Continue reading

I Don’t Know What Being a Christian Means Anymore

Right & WrongI have been part of church life for a long time now, I was a preacher’s kid since the day I was born and suffered all the usual militant rules you’d expect. Sit up on the front pew, behave, don’t fart, don’t pick your nose, look attentive, close your eyes when you pray, stop looking at cute girls, raise your hands when asked, don’t drink too much communion and don’t eat all the left over bread after the service etc. Continue reading

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

photo inspirationI must confess; I have two responses to inspiring YouTube videos. The ‘wow’ reaction, and the deflated reaction.

It doesn’t take much for me to celebrate the script of the human spirit fighting against all odds, but very soon after I experience something more disturbing that makes me resent outrageously inspirational people. I haven’t quite worked out if that makes me a bad person or not. Hold your judgment for now. Continue reading

When a Church Volunteer or Staff Member Burns Out, Who is Responsible?

CandleChurch… it is beautiful and chaotic at the same time. It is amazing and disappointing. It is profound and confusing. It is Christ and Christ is the anchor for many who cling to the hope that good will eventually prevail.

I have had the good fortune of working in several churches over the years as a paid staff member and volunteer. There have been moments of elation as I’ve witnessed the broken feel comfort, and just as powerfully, I have been frustrated as the innocent feel pain. It is the potent disparity between expectations of heaven on earth juxtaposed against the frailty of human behaviour. Continue reading

The Price of Affection


Today we got the news that my daughter Sunshine’s classmate has died. I know… it is a tough way to start a blog. My wife called me at work to let me know. The school that Sunshine attends will often make contact with parents when fellow students pass away. Unfortunately, Sunshine’s school has a high mortality rate, especially when compared with mainstream schools. All the kids in her class are medically complex and vulnerable – as is she.  Continue reading