Keeping Up With the Disability Version of the Joneses.

wheelchairBefore we had our twin daughters my wife and I were fancy-free enjoying the big wide world, everything seemed possible. Then one of our daughters suffered oxygen deprivation at birth and severe cerebral palsy entered our world like an indiscriminate burglar ruthlessly stealing potential from our daughter Sunshine. Continue reading

Guinness, Friendship and Piss.


guinness-pint-hed-2014So how do I explain this? Lets start when the phone call came at 8:00 am Saturday morning:

“Jay, its Shane – in a spot of bother… my Carer is sick and can’t lift me so I can shower, any chance you could help out? I am not sure who else to reach out to in Melbourne and I am guessing your experience with your daughter Sunshine means you’d be used to the mess of disability.”

 “Yeah, of course Shane… will be there in 20 minutes.” Continue reading

The Pursuit of Perfection

Rather than labeling a person with a descriptive like ‘disabled’ – the idealist in me would rather acknowledge that we are simply all different, but for the purpose of this blog I’ll use disabled to avoid a convoluted message. And the word perfection is used to describe a subjective perspective rather than a judgement call on what is or what is not perfect. I’d be curious to know which human on the planet has the final call on what is perfect anyway! Continue reading