A Decade of Father’s Days

SunnyWell, I can almost hear the scoff through the digital domain at the title of this blog, “Only ten years? Pathetic!” Well okay, but it feels like a landmark for me. Trust me, I am as surprised as anybody that I am a living, breathing father and that I have even made it to this age without saying bon voyage to this big blue planet!

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Mow around the daisies

I love hearing my daughter Jazmine’s spin on things. I never thought a 6 year old could continually surprise me – her literal perspective is so refreshing compared with my nuanced battle weary view of the ‘adult world’. Jaz has the ability to make the most mundane things an adventure. On the weekends I often mow the lawns but occasionally life gets out of hand and my ‘boy chores’ get deferred – I’m glad my wife’s ‘girl chores’ still get done….ok, lets move on before I get in trouble! Continue reading